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Transport LDL-a u u izolovanoj karotidi kunića pre i tokom razvoja ateroskleroz


Milošević, Maja, 1983-


Rosić, Mirko, 1958-
Pantović, Suzana, 1959-
Rosić, Gvozden, 1964-
Đurić, Dragan, 1961-

Description (eng)

The study included 20 New Zealand White rabbits with surgically isolated segments of left and right common carotid artery. The animals were divided into four groups: control group- normal feeding and three experimental groups with 1% cholesterol added to normal feeding (atherogenic diet) during 8, 10 and 12 weeks. The isolated segment of rabbit carotid artery was used under constant perfusion flow and pressure-induced (0 mmHg and 140 mmHg) blood vessel distension, with the possibility to change and precisely calculate shear stress during the experiment. In order to examine 125I-LDL ransport the continual 10-min perfusion was used (100 μl/min) (Steady state method). The measured 125I-LDL specific activity in each sample was used to obtain radioactivity-time curves, that is, dilution profiles for 125I-LDL during its flow through the blood vessel at a set value of perfusion pressure. The evaluation of 125I LDL transport into isolated blood vessel wall was calculated as difference between inflow and outflow dose of 125I-LDL-within the period of Steady state. Obtained results are showed and well documented with 3 tables, 8 figures and 2 mathematical equations. The results showed increased LDL transport after removal of endothelium and the pressure-induced (0 mmHg and 140 mmHg) blood vessel distension has its influence at LDL transport. It was showed that in conditions of prolonged hyperlipidaemia (atherogenic diet) with low pressure-induced blood vessel distension (0 mmHg) LDL transport into blood vessel wall is ,decreased as well as values of shear stress. However, with high pressure-induced blood vessel distension (140 mmHg) LDL transport into blood vessel wall is increased although values of shear stress increase too.

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